The Ideal Fit For Shirts

The Ideal Fit For Shirts

The Ideal Fit For Shirts


Here is your guide on how a regular shirt ideally fits you.

Everytime you decide to buy a shirt, there are a lot of aspects with respect to the fitting that you need to look after. There are a lot of options available but, you need to pick an ideal shirt as per your body type. Whatever your body shape and type is, these basic rules apply on every kind for an ideal fit.

1. Chest:

A perfectly fitting shirt should give you a full range of motion in the areas near your chest, across your back as well as under your arms.

2. Shoulders:

The seam of the shirt is where the sleeve of the shirt attaches to the body of the shoulder.

When buying a shirt, make sure that the seam rests perfectly upon your shoulder joint.

It should not be pulled up or pushed below the shoulder as that looks very unpleasant.

3. Collar:

A collar should be very comfortable but, at the same time, it should not be very spaced out. The best way to check it is after you button up your shirt, you should have a two-finger space in between the collar and your neck.

4. Armholes:

Armholes should be stitched on a comfortable curve that does not restrict your motion.

5. Sleeve:

Ideally, sleeves should not be very tight or billowy either. Make sure that they do not restrict any kind of movement.

The sleeve should end where your wrist meets the palm, around an inch below the wrist bone.

6. Torso:

The torso should not stick to the body completely but, you should not go for a very loose fit that has a very shapeless appearance.

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